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Super Email Spider offers users a professional interface that is very easy to use while at the same time fast and efficient. It is a way to painlessly build lists of emails for your targeted marketing campaign.


It is as simple as specifying a keyword and clicking “start.” As soon as you do, Super Email Spider begins analyzing search engines such as google and yahoo, 22 engines in all, for this keyword. Let's say you would like to send a mailer to all real estate agencies in Ohio. Simply enter “Ohio real estate agency” and watch as the program extracts the email addresses from any page relating to this keyword. As this is a multi threaded application, a maximum of 300 email addresses can be extracted at once.

Main Function

Because Super Email Spider quickly and easily extracts email addresses from sites relating to your keyword, you can be sure your mass mailings are reaching an interested audience rather than wasting money on sending flyers to those will simply delete it without a second thought.

Extra Features

Super Email Spider will also manage the collected email addresses which are saved to a text file, weeding out any invalid addresses. Extract links as well as addresses, from any .com, .net, or .ca, for any html, CGI, ASP, or PHP page just to name a few. The program also validates any URL, ignoring any bad URLs.


This program is free to try, 79.95 to buy, and offers excellent value when you think of all of the money you save in poor targeted marketing practices. Just knowing your mailer is reaching people who are interested in the subject matter your mailer addresses is worth the small price tag.

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Reviewed by Michael Murphy
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